On a small planet, 100 gazillion light years from earth, an alien race is dying… of boredom. Tim, an experiment gone wrong, has formulated a plan to create a reality TV show so amazing that his people, the Klactonians, would have a new reason to live.
He locates an uninhabited planet he names B9 and creates the universe’s biggest reality TV show, filling the planet with dim-witted aliens abducted from all corners of the universe.
But there’s one more problem; Tim already called the show Ellis@B9. So he sends his sidekicks, Tom Yum and Mi Grob, to find the star of the show. They pick up Ellis from an alien planet, Earth, and convince him that they have implanted a chip in his brain that will enhance his powers as a human. The placebo effect takes over and through the power of positive thinking, Ellis gains a confidence that helps him become the unlikely and reluctant hero on B9.
Every episode a new character gets abducted and dropped into B9, each coming with their own unique personalities and dynamics to add to the show.
Will Ellis remember his life back on Earth? Will he realize that he is part of a reality TV show for the entertainment of higher beings? Tune in with rest of the universe and prepare to be amazed…