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Born 1974
Location Cardiff, Wales, UK
Married one child
Freelance Illustrator, graphic designer, owner of Pokedstudio.
Studied graphic design at the university of Glamorgan Wales UK.

My commercial clients include MTV, BBC, VRAK TV, Sony, Microsoft, British Airways, Doritos, Trend Micro, Hewlett Packard, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, the National Library of Wales, Digit magazine, Computer arts magazine, and more.

I’m attracted to crazy and cute little characters and the worlds they inhabit. I can happily put 2D, 3D vector and hand drawn images into a big stew and mix them all together, yum!

Having a great interest in colour and contrast, line and shade, I like unusual approaches to defining commons forms. I’m often found combining computer game and graphic iconography with traditional illustration.