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My name is Gabriela Thiery. I'm Argentinean, born in 1983 in Buenos Aires. In 2005 I graduated as an audiovisual designer at the University of Buenos Aires, specializing in animation. Immediately I began to study graphic design to complement my previous career. I am most inclined to audiovisual; my early works were linked to the post-production of film, where I gained some sensitivity by colorimetry of the image. Then I went to the television field, where for five years I worked on branding for broadcast TV programs in my country. I worked in motion graphics for advertising, and even made ​​several animated pilots.

The illustration arose from the need to express myself in a shorter time than demanded to build an audiovisual product, an animation or short film. I conducted a workshop on "Children's Book Illustration and Book album". This added a new language and format in which to work that was unlike anything I had done before. Surprisingly, it was in this context that I found the possibility to merge everything I had learned over the years. My time in the centre of electronic art and branding trained my technical skills in 3d (Studio Max, a fundamental tool of my technique). I am influenced by Shaun Tan, David Lynch, Vito Campanella and other surrealists. I illustrated several children's books and textbooks. I also participated in several samples of Argentine illustrators and even sold some of my images. Currently I work in both fields: the audiovisual and illustration.